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with over 25 Years of experience in development and manufacturing, particle accelerator technology, superconducting Magnets and Proton Therapy Systems, I decided to use the experience and know how and start my own company.

As a 14 years old boy I did an internship and got my first experience in magnet technology, I did assist in building huge magnets for particle accelerators. This technology was so fascinating, that I decided to become an Engineer and work in this field. This was the start of my professional career as Engineer and Manager in the accelerator and particle therapy world.

For the past 20 years, I have led small and large cross-funtional teams in development, manufacturing and sourcing in the medical device and research industries. This experience, coupled with my strong technical background in medical device and particle accelerator technologies, allows me to successfully lead product development, production implementation, and operational excellence projects in regulated industries.

This know how we now invest in developing technologies to reduce our CO2 footprint. We started the development of a special application using a "out of the box" approach to make renewable energy accessible for everybody. Further details will be published soon.

1997 - manufacturing study of LHC-Main superconducting Quadrupole Magnets
1998 - working prototype of LHC-MQM superconducting Magnet
1999 - superconducting Gyrotron Magnet
2000 - 2007 series production of LHC-MQ/MQY and MQDS superconducting Magnets and Coldmasses
2007 - 2009 industrialization of Particle Therapy System
20010 - 2018 series production of Particle Therapy Systems



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